• Grande Traversée des Alpes (GTA, alpine part of the GR5) unsupported World first unsupported trek, only sleeping in the tent. +-623km, +-34.800m. (18/07 - 11/08/2023) FKT validated.
  • Kungsleden trail unsupported World first unsupported trek (Swedish Lapland), only sleeping in the tent. +-502km, +-11.700m. Climbed peaks: Skierfe, Kebnekaise South & North (ridge traverse). (07-25/08/2021) Validated on the FKT website.
  • Tasmania Winter Trek: World First unresupplied (in food or gas) winter crossing of mainland Tasmania. No use of roads, only sleep in a tent.
  • Simpson Desert Trek 2: First unsupported crossing West-East only with a backpack. Partial crossing from Old Andado to Poeppel Corner via the Geocentre. (13-25 August 2016, 12,25 days of walking)
  • Salar Trek 2: World first unsupported trek (2nd attempt) across the 2 largest salt flats located in Bolivia: Coipasa and Uyuni. (250km, 7 days, 27 September to 3 October 2016)
  • Death Valley Trek: World first unsupported trek across Death Valley National Park from its highest point North to lowest point South. (242km - 150 miles / 8 days) Expedition report.
  • Salar Trek: Failed (first) attempt at world first unsupported trek across the 2 largest salt flats located in Bolivia: Coipasa and Uyuni. (180km on 250km/7 days).
  • Rio Marañon expedition: Joined for 6 days the 1 month rafting and kayaking of the upper part of the river. It was the first guided expedition of the river.
  • TitiKayak: World first circumnavigation of Lake Titicaca by kayak. Mapping the lake by GPS and create the first photographic inventory of the endangered lake. (1100km/38days)
  • Clipperton Island: DX-pedition with radio-amateurs. Joined as filmmaker and performed the scientific environmental observations. 21 specimens of foraminifera found. None recorded yet on the island. Explored the island, summited the Rock and kayaked around the lagoon. Documentary Film of FRANCE3 Thalassa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNysLn3vJyE
  • Poland Trek: Expedition from the highest summit of Poland to the Baltic Sea using human power (World first). On foot in the mountains, by packraft and kayak on the Vistula, Poland’s longest river and one of the last wild rivers of Europe. (1200km/1month).
  • BelgiKayak: Touring the Belgians waterways by kayak to re-discover the country’s forgotten beauties and stress out on water pollution (600km/23days of paddling).
  • Iceland Trek Summer: World first unsupported crossing of Iceland between its extreme latitudes from North to South. Scientific program: Perform cognitive tests to study the effect of decision taking under stress in extreme environments. (560km/19days - 12/07/2010-30/07/2010) 
  • Chocolate Sherpa Everest: A cultural walking journey from Kathmandu to Everest Base camp. Organizing the highest chocolate tasting in the world event to attract the media, raise funds for the first Mobile hospital in Nepal. (400km/1month - 11/04/2009-10/05/2009)
  • Wild Mountains of Tasmania (EN) - Les Montagnes Sauvages de Tasmanie (FR): Unresupplied Mountain and forest trek across the entire Tasmanian wilderness. 19 peaks were climbed (500km/49days). Dramatic end as it became a battle for survival with almost no food left with a dead GPS and no communication systems.
2023 - Mount Pico (2351 m) in Portugal / Azores
2021 - Kebnekaise South (+-290X m) and North (2907m) in Sweden
2020 - Aneto (3404m), Carlit (2921m), Canigou (2784m) in the Pyrenees
2018 - Mt Stanley (Margherita peak, 3rd highest of Africa) (5109m from Uganda but also DR Congo highest)
2013 - Cotopaxi (5200/5897m), Chimborazo (5934/6268m), Rucu Pichincha (slept on the summit at 4784m) in Ecuador, solo attempt (Altitude sickness and fuel intoxication) on Cerro Plata (4500/5966m) in Argentina.
2012 - Mt Rysy in the Tatras (2499m summit of Poland)
2010 - Jbel Toubkal solo winter summit (december, 4167m) in the High Atlas of Morocco.
2009 - Kala Patthar (5555m, Pumori ridge, near the Everest)

Important summits & hills, mainly countries' highests, all solo
Australia: Federation Peak (TAS), Ossa (TAS, winter, summer), Kosciuszko (NSW, OZ), Bartle Frere (QLD), Zeil (NT)
UK: Ben Nevis (Scotland), Scafell Pike (England), Snowdon (Wales)
Ireland: Carrauntoohill

Personal Challenges
2022 - 20 km of Brussels in 1h45 / 1st Marathon (trail) TheVillageMarathon of Malonne (42km and D+1100m) in 5h00. GR70 Stevenson unsupported in less than 5 days, Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) unsupported in less than 5 days.
2021 Confined in my tent. 1 week in autonomy hanging in the air on a 5 m² platform.
2020 - Evererest Bueren Challenge (135* Bueren stairs up & down in 65h30 with 5+4h sleep included)
2017 - 20 km of Brussels in 3h13 (Started with a lumbago, first 10km in 2 hours, last 10 in 1h+ but I think there was an error as I left last at 11am more than 30 after the cut off time, I think I did it in 2h20+) July: Corsica GR20 in 9 days with all my equipment. I lost 1 day because of rest for a starting injury. Happy of the result even if I aimed 5 days unsupported. I had no training and bad high shoes.
2015 - 20 km of Brussels in 2h00
2014 - 3-peak Challenge in the UK (solo, 23h30 drive & climb+6h sleep), 20 km of Brussels in 1h59, Dodentocht 100km in 20h29
2012 - Benelux : summit of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg (4 h return drive from Brussels).
2010 - 20 km of Brussels in 1h55 - Dodentocht abandoned due to injury after 40,2 km in 6h30

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