Motivational Speaking - Corporate talks - Keynote - CSR speaker - After dinner speaker.
I do motivational speaking and do deliver high value to your audience. My key messages drive creativity, teamwork, leadership, goal setting, motivation, managing risks. I will work with you on a tailored talk to inspire, motivate or teach your audience something new. I bring CSR value when I speak about the environment with a special focus on water pollution, water preservation and the plastic continents.

My expeditions are fresh and bold to bring new experiences to your audience with a scientific value when possible. You won't hear another Everest or Polar expedition talk.

My added value comes from my engineering and management side which a very few adventurers or explorers  have. I have the degrees, the experience and I know what it feels like to work in a company of 5 or 50.000 people as I have 13 years of corporate work experience. The audience trusts more someone like them. And of course I bring a zest of funny anecdotes to engage the audience.

I have experience in start-ups having participated to several start-ups creations and it's a domain I know well now as I'm also a founder. I'm also a Belgian specialist in reward based crowdfunding.

Public Speaking coaching Services and Leadership training

When to hire me? at Corporate Events
- Communicating the year results
- Highlight a message from your CEO
- Community day - a mid-day talk
- Outdoor community day - a mid-day talk
- CSR actions & events
- Motivational talks for clients or employees
- Before a period of stress and change management

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  • Less is more
A competitive (and sustainable) advantage  To highlight and illustrate the vision of your company in doing efforts in sustainability (part of CSR) I highlight my solo extreme expeditions and what it brought me as ideas and solutions to do more or better with less resources.
  • Leadership & Business in Expeditions.
Based on my personal expeditions, of famous expedition like Shackelton's journey, my start-up experience and publications by professional researchers.
  • Workshop: how to prepare a world first expedition
The analogy between a corporate project and an expedition project. Q&A. Then, in groups, we'll discuss what we have to think of when preparing an expedition. Several groups will get a different type of expedition.
  • How to deal with failure?
Cry, laugh, think, write down and come back to the errors. Turning the negative in something even more positive than if you succeeded during your first attempt.
  • The effect of stress in extreme environment. How to beat Burnout ?
During solo expeditions in deserts, scientists have measured the cognitive effect of decision taking under stress in extreme environment. The corporate world can be also extreme and employees tired. Will you burn ? When ? How to get more energy?
  • How to motivate yourself when you are alone?
Auto-motivation techniques for sales people on the road.
  • Think out of the box? How to be creative and innovative?
How to deal with uncertainty and new challenges never done before? Be more creative.
  • Why a business that is sustainability oriented will succeed ? and the other fail!
A keynote about how you better be responsible because the behavior of people is changing. Motivation, values. Laws about ecology will come anyway. Put a culture of challenge or innovation in the company to be prepared for changes
  • The 5 to 9 routine working hours of the adventurer (FUN)
A funny analogy between a day at work as employee and a day during an unsupported expedition. It shows also dedication to the objective of an expedition that must be part of the brain deep within. It's all about motivation towards the goal.
  • Exploration and Adventure today (FUN)
Knowing the outdoor and adventure community very well. I explain what it’s all about. What is exploration today, who are the fakes, why does it matter ? Is there still something to explore? Where are the blank spots?



"You were the best speaker of the day" - Sofidel's distributor of West-Europe. Six speaker during the day, I was the last speaker before the Chief Marketing Officer and the CEO of Sofidel, Italy.

"Louis-Philippe is an engaging speaker who with wit, humor and intelligence focuses on important issues facing our world today. I thoroughly enjoyed his TEDxWarsaw and what's more he's an equally wonderful human being off-stage; he not only talks the talk, he walks the walk."Kristin Pedemonti, professional storyteller, TED talks talent search finalist.

Corporate Clients
  • Sofidel - Italy
  • Huawei - China (In Belgium)
  • Abbott - Spain
  • Proximus - Belgium
  • SWDE (public) - Belgium
  • LEVI'S Strauss - Belgium
  • Accenture - Belgium
  • UPS - Belgium
  • TEDxWarsaw, TEDxFlanders, TEDxLiege, TEDxBrussels (appearance in the astronaut's spacesuit), Creative Mornings Brussels, Fuck Up Night Brussels, TESLA Club
  • Workshop at JCI World Congress Leipzig 2014. Keynote in JCI WC Amsterdam 2017.