Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Trabajando en Salamanca

Cathedral from Roman Bridge

ENG : I continue after classes, to sort out the pictures, and during lunch time to visit printing companies to get better prices. I took several hours to shoot Salamanca.

FR : Je continue apres les cours a trier les photos, et a midi, je me renseigne sur les couts d'impressions des entreprises locales. J'ai pris qqs heures a photographier Salamanque.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

MeetExplorers Productions website

Welcome to the temporary MeetExplorer.com website.

MeetExplorers is the umbrella brand for various "projects" of myself (Louis-Philippe Loncke):

MeetExplorers Productions : to produce the films about my expeditions and perhaps a web/TV show one day about explorers. Some clips are already on MeetExplorers Youtube.

Films produced:

Mad Belgian series:

2021/09 - The Mad Belgian: Keep Walking (13min, EN or FR, 16:9, Sound 25fps AAC 320kbps 48kHz, subtitles in ES, IT)
Screened at festivals: Dutch Mountain Film Festival (2021), Inkafest (2021),Pakistan International Mountain Film Festival (2021), Trento Film Festival - Mountains and Cultures (2022), Mestia International Short & Mountain Film Festival (Georgie, 2022)

2022/04 - The Mad Belgian: Confined in My Tent
* The Mad Belgian: Confined in my tent (44 min, FR, subtitles EN and more to come)
Screened at festivals: 

Planned 2022:
* The Mad Belgian: HRP Unsupported
* The Mad Belgian: Kungsleden Unsupported

* The Mountains of the Outback : This one will be directly released to YouTube.
* Bike Belgium Challenge : A 400km bike crossing of Belgium by an amateur (filming in June 2022)
* Tour du Mont Blanc: Video idea trekking in old clothes with old equipment.

Slowly getting to the films of the expeditions done between 2006-2021.

Festival / Talks:

MeetExplorers plans to start MeetExplorers Nights end 2022: Evening talks done by adventurers & explorers
MeetExplorers plans to start the BRAFF in 2023.

Another project involves Digital Detox camps, outdoors in Belgium.

Contact: info@MeetExplorers.com

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sponsors and Co

Busy with lots of emails, here in SALAMANCA,to find sponsors, printing companies and a room for the exhibition. And of course, I am learning a lot of Spanish

Ici a SALAMANQUE, en plus d'apprendre l'espagnol, j'envoie des tas d'emails afin d'obtenir des sponsors, une entreprise pour imprimer les photos et une salle pour l'expo.

End last Blog.


The blog I made from 18/06/04 to 19/06/05 and regarding my Oceania travel is gone for good. I saved all of the 130 messages to keep what I wrote, what i lived.

I thank all the people who have put "posts" (comments) on it, and all who have read it...was it entirely or partly.

The website will be completely renewed soon...Hoping to be ready before 15/08/2005.

Now I'll be in Spain (Salamanca) from 17/07/05 to +- 13/08/05 to improve my Spanish.

The exhibition on my landscape photographies (above and below water) will happen. The expected dates and location are not known yet, but I hope it to be in Lille (France) and around end August 2005.

Come back to http://www.louis-philippe-loncke.com around mid-next month.
Le blog du 18/06/04 au 19/06/05 concernant mon voyage en Océanie est supprimé. Les 130 messages écrits sur le vécu sont sauvés ne vous inquitez pas.

Je remercie toutes les personnes qui m'ont mis des messages, qui ont lu partiellement ou entierement mes aventures.

Le site web va etre bientot remanié en profondeur...j'espere etre pret avant le 15/08/2005.

Je vais perfectionner mon espagnol a Salamanque (Espagne) du 17/07/05 au +- 13/08/05.

L'expositoin sur mes photos de paysages (sur terre et sous l'eau) se prepare. Les dates et le lieu sont encore inconnus mais cela devrait se dérouler a Lille (France) vers la fin Aout.

Revenez donc sur http://www.louis-philippe-loncke.com le mois prochain.