Consult Meet Explorers the umbrella brand company. It has a long term aim to promote explorers, adventurers and outdoor people who make a positive difference.

  • Motivational Speaking topics - see here
  • Public Speaking coaching - Afraid to talk in public? Need to improve your speaking skills ?
  • Training on Effective Leadership, Effective Meetings and Effective Communications
  • Guiding & tours
  • Consulting on expedition preparation
  • Documentary filming, photography
  • Expedition consulting & advising

Why hiring me?

Professional. I do care about your success, ROI and your safety.
Experience. I have a high rate of success of solo and team expeditions. Most were world firsts and organized myself, fast and without much training. So the success came because of hard understanding of the terrain, long thinking on every detail of what can happen. I have a broad vision of things because I have experience is a lot of domain and terrains.
Network. I know personally over 300 explorers/adventurers. I have read stories about 2000 living explorers so I know who can help you.
Save time. You can browse the web for explorers to find info. I have done it for years in English, French, Dutch and Spanish. I spend an average time of 40 hours per week on learning.  My advice will allow you to save time so you can train or look for sponsors.

Reason not to contact me ? Sure, if you want to learn by yourself and make mistakes to learn even more!

How to find sponsors ? There is no secret. There are plenty of blogs of people who have written on what to do to have sponsors. I have here no added value except for contacts.

  • LEVI'S Strauss
  • UPS
  • Junior Chamber International
  • The Jane Goodall Institute Belgium
  • Proximus (Public Speaking coach for 60 managers)

Partly list of adventurer and explorers met
Below a list of individual I have met and learnt experience from.
The 2012 Board of the Explorers Club
Apa Sherpa in Everest Base Camp (video)
Cameron Smith (USA) author, explorer and archaeologist
Jonathan Frewen (UK) climbs all European country's highest summits
Bartosz Malinowski & Tomasz Grzywaczewski (PL) who retraced Slavomir Rawicz's journey
Ed Stafford (UK) who calked down the Amazon
Nicolas & Olivier Favresse, Sean Villanueva (BEL) big wall climbers
Bert Poffé (BEL) arctic adventurer
Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg (CH) pilots of the Solar Impulse
Pat Falvey, Clare O'Leary, Ripley Davenport, Jeremy Curl (IRE) polar & desert explorers
Wim Smets (BEL) multiple 8000m summiteer
The New Belgica of Adrien De Gerlache (BEL) legendary arctic vessel replica
Hogan Beernaert (BEL) polar explorer
Julian Monroe Fischer (USA) Africa explorer
Jolanda Linschooten (NL) athlete adventurer
Dave Cornthwaite (UK) creative explorer
Xavier Rosset (CH) spent 300 days on an island.
Ripley Davenport (UK) desert explorer
Charlie Wittmack (USA) world triathlete, 2 times Everest.
Dixie Dansercoer (BEL) polar explorer
Sébastien Roubinet, Rodophe André and Jean-Gabriel Chelala (FRA)
Michael Palin (UK) celebrity traveler.
Jean-Gabriel Chelala (FRA) toured around the world
Brigitte Koch-Muir (BEL-AU) Everest and 7 summits.
Régis Belleville, Christian Clot (FRA) outdoor labrats.
Chris Bray (AU) of 1000 hour day expedition
Clark Carter (AU) of 1000 hour day expedition
Sylvain Tesson (FRA) who retraced the journey of Slavomir Rawicz escaping the gulags.