Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Royal Geographical Society EXPLORE 2009

ENG: I just received confirmation that I am enrolled for the EXPLORE 2009 weekend in London. It's 2 day program organised with the RGS and IBG to increase/learn skills in expedition planning, research and of course meet famous English explorers. Jeremy Roumian from the PR and logistic pal from the Chocolate Sherpa expedition is joining too.

FRA: Je viens de recevoir la confirmation de ma participation au weekend EXPLORE 2009 à Londres. Pendant les 2 jours du programme de la RGS with IBG (Royal Geographical Society with Institute of British Geographers) , des cours et séminaires pour améliorer/apprendre à planifier une expédition et évidemment rencontrer des célèbres explorateurs Anglais. Jérémy Roumian de l'expé Chocolate Sherpa y sera aussi.

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