Friday, December 14, 2018

Changes to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Louphi Lonk
We'll soon publish changes to our Terms of Service that may affect the Google services you use. Starting January 22, 2019, services offered under these terms will be offered by Google Ireland Limited instead of Google LLC. We're making similar changes to the Drive, Play, YouTube, and YouTube Paid Service Terms of Service. You can find our new terms here.
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Nothing about your experience in Google services will change. And nothing is changing in terms of your privacy settings, the way your data is processed, nor the purposes of its processing as described in the Google Privacy Policy. However, if you don't want to accept these changes in our terms and Privacy Policy, you can choose to stop using the applicable services.
If you use Family Link to manage a Google Account for users below the age of consent, then please take some time to talk to them about these changes.
You can see and manage your data in the Google Dashboard. And you can always change your privacy settings and data controls anytime in your Google Account.
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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Back in Belgium - Thomas De Dorlodot

EN: Back in Belgium, not ready for my second winter in a row but winter brings conferences. I just caught up with Tom (Thomas) De Dorlodot and his SEARCH PROJECTS. People believe I'm mostly outside Belgium, well I'm mainly in Belgium while he's really mainly outside the country so when I can meet him, I take the opportunity.

FR: De retour en Belgique, pas vraiment prêt pour mon 2ème hiver d'affilé mais l'hiver amène les conférences. J'ai recu Tom De Dorlodot qui a fait une conférence et un update de SEARCH PROJECTS.

Beaucoup pensent que je suis tous le temps en dehord de Belgique mais je suis principalement dans le pays, lui c'est l'inverse il revient quelques mois par an donc se croiser est toujours une bonne chose et une opportunité à saisir.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Mad Belgian - Book and Camera updates

Hi to all followers of the expedition #TasmaniaWinterTrek this page can be accessed by It will contain several resources, links, to book progress, ideas and to the several future events (I hope) related to the expedition. It might leave my main website in the future to be a complete new standalone page.

1) Bushwalking discussion during the expedition - That Mad Belgian - #TasmaniaWinterTrek announcement
2) Garmin Inreach Trace - Google Earth file (to be coming)
3) Where was the Panasonic camera (and a few other items) lost on the Derwent river? What about the 1000 AUD reward?
4) Book structure (draft, to come soon)
5) Book progress (not really to come soon, I'll add a newsletter you can subscribe to know when the book is out or when I need some help for some sections)
6) Events related to #TasmaniaWinterTrek (if I come for a tour in TAS/OZ. Not before 2019-2022)

3) Lost equipment and reward.
On D25, I had a packraft accident that could have been fatal. I went down paddling the upper Derwent river from lake St Clair, paddled under the dam (class 3) then I had a choice to make as the river split into 2 directions. I took the right (going down, west arm) and few minutes later I faced a tree log that is fully across the river arm. I stopped for a few seconds assessing the log that was 90% just under the surface of the water. A large branch coming from this log a bit like half a rainbow just above the log. I thought it would be just possible to go over the log and bending my upperbody backwards to go at the same time under the big branch. The water was so powerful, it pushed me facing the side of the boat against the log, pressure started to push the boat against it and a second later I tilted, water entered the boat and it started to sunk half under the log. I grabbed the branch to pull my body out of the boat. Retrieved paddle, saw my black day-drybag (a hole in it) sinking and going half floating going away. 30 min later I had managed to get the boat on land (not knowing yet about 2 punctures and 10cm tear on the floor. I went around the log to check if I could see my black drybag but nothing. Went then around the log with all my gear and boat (what I should have done in the first place) and paddled to safety with the sinking boat. In the next 24h I had repaired the boat, bought a shitty 15AUD headlight at Cradle Valley, told the rangers, the manager of the hotel/restaurant gave me 2 pairs of sunglasses from his lost&found items.
But I lost of of this: Panasonic HC-VX980 and memory card / Petzl Actik Core / Julbo explorer sunglasses / tiny 10liters blue backpack / Rode Videomic Pro / a few gopro mounts, tiny tripod, peanuts, 1 green 800ml gatorade bottle (some water in it) 1 empty 1,2 liter transparent bottle.


Location accident?
In the summer, at the water level of the upper Derwent is very low. Chance to find the equipment is fairly good. GPS coordinates are estimates.

1000 AUD dollars Reward conditions:
* once the camera is found and out of the water (dry or not, it was in another small drybag, not sure 100% tight waterproof) remove battery, remove SDcard (bottom camera) and dry it with a towel. Do not let it wet and rust in the air. The camera might work if dry inside the drybag.
* you can keep sunglasses if found / If headlight there and dead, I'd like to have it as souvenir, same for rodemic. Perhaps the Rodemic survived?
* I'm of course mainly interested in the memorycard and the content. First contact me, do not insert it in a drive. Take a photo and email me.
* I think of found it is a great story, and opportunity to speak again of the "Mad Belgian" and at the same time in the press give an update on the book if any progress. So you might have your name in the media, even interviews.
* If you don"t want the money, perhaps a donation to a charity of your choice or in a free talk of me in a school of your choice (1000AUD is half of a cost to fly me to OZ/TAS)
* You send me package at your cost, I will do the payment on  a bank account once received. My risk if nothing can be recovered but normally big chance I get it all. Trust me I will not fail on my promise.
Questions? email me, I'll add the answer here if relevant for others.

Monday, September 24, 2018

day 52

24 Sept. End of the exped.tomorrow night on ABC News! Lost15,5kg. Will be in Hobart by 4pm. Suggest a bar on fb if you wanna meet! Will choose one near hostel. Bus to Laun in the morning.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

day 51

23 Sept. 50gr of food left. Not enough for bushbashing to the cape. Might try a bit if enough time. Wanna end around noon. Thinking about writing a book about my 2 TAS expeditions.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

day 50 - part 2

Took battery pack to charge lighter. Fell in a pool with mud above the knees. Trying to reach South Cape Rivulet tomorrow, ending at South Cape on Monday, reack Cockle by midday. Not there yet. Will need food & scale at Cockle.

day 50 - part 1

22 Sept. Last test, write, repack, taking care of my feet. Left late. Finished crossing with the raft at 6pm. Walking in the forest with the flame of my lighter. Lost the track then light battery died. Bushbashing in the dark to reach previous point.

Friday, September 21, 2018

day 49

21 Sept. Good, confident start. Up Ironbound, wind at the summit so strong, threw me to the ground. Stopped at 8pm, feet hurt, rash. Need rest! Drysuit wet inside, taking it off tomorrow, back into normal clothes.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

day 48

20 Sept. Very cold night at Melaleuca. So tired, fell asleep after breakfast till 9:20. Then late start. Hard to get here tonight. Hunger, back hurts and worst wet socks ever. Pain like sandpaper.