Wednesday, February 07, 2018

11 years ago I came out alive out of the Tasmanian Wilderness

EN: Eleven years ago today, I reached Cockle Creek and made my way back to civilization after the most dangerous and hardest expedition I've done. It took me 49 days instead of 40. The route I completed is the red one.

I was in bad shape as you can see. If I ended up like this in the summer; how will I perhaps end on a longer journey in the Winter ? That's what we will find out by mid-September. I'm returning to Australia to attempt with world first expedition: Crossing Tasmania in the winter unresupplied. The blue line is the planned route.

FR: Il y a 11 ans aujourd'hui, j'arrivais à Cockle Creek et mon retour à la civilisation après mon expédition la plus dangereuse et difficile. Un trajet original de 40 jours où j'ai finalement mis 49 jours pour compléter la route rouge.

J'ai vraiment terminé en mauvais état (lien plus haut). Si je suis si mal en point en été; comment vais-je ressortir d'une expérience hivernale. C'est ce que nous verrons à la mi-septembre. Je repars pour l'Australie afin d'y tenter une autre première mondiale: traverser la Tasmanie en hiver sans réappro. Le chemin en bleu est le chemin idéal.

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eddy de wilde said...

Hello Louis-Phiippe I have just read your trip report on the summer crossing of Tasmania. I live there and am familiar with the tracked part of your exp. That was a killer trip! The desperation bleeds from every diary entry. You are very tough to persist with all those peaks on such a hard journey! I really sympathized with you as you were fighting the scrub to get to the New River Lagoon. What an ordeal! And then you still had the long recovery. On your winter crossing the wilderness did not welcome you back and you got the same harsh treatment. I congratulate you on your style and determination, best wishes