Monday, September 19, 2011

Paddle expo Kanumesse

New Select Paddles
Björn Thomasson in Seabird Black Pearl
Mountain water bike
Solo kayak that can become double
EN: After ending on the beach of Ostend my BelgiKayak expedition around Belgian's waterways yesterday, I drove to Nurnberg Germany to Kanumesse or PaddleExpo. I saw of course my sponsors Seabird Designs and Select Paddles who were also showing their new products. I took the opportunity to meet kayak magazines editors to have a featured article about my expedition and presented myself to several potential sponsors. There's nothing better than a human contact.
I talked to Björn Thomasson the Swedish designer of several Seabird kayaks who explained me how he started designing his own kayaks.
I also met Sebastian Plura Nillssen of the Svalbard360 expedition that ended in drame when he was attacked and bitten by a polar bear. He has an impressive scar on the shoulder.

FR: Après avoir terminé sur la plage d'Ostende l'expédition BelgiKayak sur les voies navigables Belges, j'ai pris la route vers Nuremberg en Allemagne pour assister à Kanumesse ou PaddleExpo (la foire des sports de pagaie/kayak). J'y ai rencontré mes sponsors Seabird Designs et Select Paddles qui montraient leurs nouveaux produits. J'ai été me présenter à des sponsors potentiels et des rédacteurs en chefs de magazines pour   avoir un article sur mon expédition. Rien ne vaut les contacts humains.
J'ai discuté avec Björn Thomasson, le designer de certains kayaks de Seabird, qui m'a expliqué comment il a commencé a construire ses propres kayaks.
J'ai aussi rencontré Sebastian Plura Nillssen de l'expédition Svalbard360 qui s'est terminé en drame lorsque Sebastian s'est fait attaquer et mordre par un ours polaire. Il a une sacré cicatrice à l'épaule.


Thore said...

That sounds interesting, i totally missed the paddleexpo in Nürnberg. Do you know where i can geht informations about the seabird Designers like Björn Thomasson and the hole history of seabird designs?

LP Loncke said...

Well you can check SeabirdDesigns website or contact them. Or contact Thomas through his website.