Thursday, October 04, 2001

"Secret Page" for NETFLIX

Hi, I'm a leading (the one who's the most on the TV news) adventurer and explorer in Belgium.

I'm looking for a GLOBAL SPONSOR for a Stunt/Charity/Challenge.

(Details in French)

I plan to be everywhere (via the BUZZ WORTHY idea) in the news and social media in december (15-22) as I'll be hanging in the cold/wind from a crane on a tiny platform. To survive: my tent, food, water and a few batteries for electricity. I film a documentary and interact with the crowd below.

I hope to raise 100.000€ for child poverty in Belgium.

Location: Tournai, Belgium, UNESCO site of the cathedral. Expected minimum crowd during 1 week: 30.000 visitors. The metropole Lille/Tournai is 1.5 million people for a 30km radius or so. I hope more but cannot yet know how the mainstream media around the globe will cover the project.


1) I'm thinking of the NETFLIX logo on the thickness of the platform. This will be seen of course in all media (TV/Online) as people/photographers will take photos. I added the disc/triangle/square for an extra buzz perhaps for people who might start discussion online about the Squid Game. (Netflix Series)

2) Global Brand everyone likes.

3) Visibility, branding on this "Performance art"

Shall we talk?

As I'll be doing a documentary about the construction of the platform + my 1 week hanging in the air. I'm of course happy to hear from NetFlix if interested in coproduction or full production.
Skype: LonckeLph
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