Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Back to Belgium... alive

My adventure in Tasmania was very dangerous and lasted longer than the 40 expected days as I walked for 49 days. I started with 49 kg in my backpacks. I lost 10 kg. Because I was so late, my friend -and Australian adventurer- Chris Bray (on my right) was worried. He did the right thing and checked -amongst others- if I had used my EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon). I called just a few hours after to tell him I was finished and alive.(see his email here below). Thanks Chris !! Thanks Peter ! Sent: To peter at Epirb hire Sent: Wednesday, 7 February 2007 1:30 PM Subject: Louis-Phillipe is OK! He Just Finsihed! Hi All, I just got a call from Louis-Philippe 2min ago, using the ranger's phone at the end of the South Coast Track - He's finished - He sounds incredibly weak and said he's "just happy to be alive". Thanks very much for all involved and sorry for any hassle caused by starting to raise the alarm, I think it was the right thing to do. I'm glad he's ok! He'll have a hell of a story to tell. All the best, Chris Now back in Belgium since 1 week, I send CVs to find a job. I recover from a very bad infected leg -the infection spread to both feet- and frostbites (not that bad but hurts) on all toes and fingertips. I gain weight slightly but have troubles to walk properly, I cannot even run as my mind pilots small atrophied muscles. By the way, happy 2007 to all of you! ---- Retour en Belgique...vivant Ma dangereuse aventure en Tasmanie a duré plus des 40 jours prévus. J'ai commencé avec 49 kg dans mes sacs et j'ai peiné pendant 47 jours. J'ai perdu 10 kg. Puisque j'étais en retard, mon ami aventurier Chris Bray, inquiet sans nouvelles, a tenté de savoir -entres autres- si j'avais déclenché ma balise de détresse (voir message plus ici haut). Quelques heures plus tard, j'appelais pour lui dire j'étais au bout et vivant. Merci Chris !! Merci Peter ! A présent en Belgique depuis 1 semaine j'ai déjà envoyé des CVs pour du travail. Je soigne une sale infection à la jambe -qui s'est propagée aux 2 pieds-et mes légères engelures aux orteils et bout des doigts (pas trop grave). Je reprend doucement du poids mais je marche difficilement et ne peux pas encore courir à cause aux petits muscles atrophiés qu'il me reste. Au fait, bonne année 2007 à vous tous !