Sunday, December 30, 2018

Number 3 of Top 10 expeditions of the year

Explorersweb has ranked my expedition #3 of the Top 10 of the year. Very happy to make the list for the first time. I have recovered 90% of my toes, removed a dead toenail (seems growing back) and I've been for the first time of my life going to the gym to increase the strength of my even weaker legs. I'll need stronger legs in the future for bigger and longer expeditions.

Here are the top 10 adventures/expeditions of 2018 according to ExplorersWeb:

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Back in Belgium - Thomas De Dorlodot

EN: Back in Belgium, not ready for my second winter in a row but winter brings conferences. I just caught up with Tom (Thomas) De Dorlodot and his SEARCH PROJECTS. People believe I'm mostly outside Belgium, well I'm mainly in Belgium while he's really mainly outside the country so when I can meet him, I take the opportunity.

FR: De retour en Belgique, pas vraiment prêt pour mon 2ème hiver d'affilé mais l'hiver amène les conférences. J'ai recu Tom De Dorlodot qui a fait une conférence et un update de SEARCH PROJECTS.

Beaucoup pensent que je suis tous le temps en dehord de Belgique mais je suis principalement dans le pays, lui c'est l'inverse il revient quelques mois par an donc se croiser est toujours une bonne chose et une opportunité à saisir.

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Tasmania Winter Trek - Summary dispatches and quick debrief

Day by Day dispatches
D00 - 3 Aug All batteries are charged, food is ready, equipment is ready. I just need to pack everything. No idea how everything will fit in and outside the backpack. I'll wake up at 6am and John will drive me to Penguin for a start at 9.00 Tasmanian time. D01 - 04 Aug 62kg in fact. Road boring. Now pct ok. Going to #Leven River, felt it's too dark and dangerous so I'll stop and camp here. 18:40. Tracker off.
D02 - 05 Aug Started after the rain. Ups and downs. Hard work. Walked back and forth with stuff since the end of the day until now. Good campsite. Still wet. Clothes don't dry.
D03 - 06 Aug All good so far. Slow but progressing. Mindset positive. Equipment OK. Supplies OK. Such a hard climb! Leeches everywhere. So many logs to go over or crawl under. Back and feet need a rest. Check my position #TasmaniaWinterTrek
D04 - 07 Aug Back and forth all day. Dried blood in sleeping bag. Found the culprit: big leech! Nature is great. Set up camp early. Relatively dry.
D05 - 08 Aug Big rain all night. Put bandages on my feet. Useless after descent and wading in a creek up to the knees. Long safe descent to tarmac road. I hate tarmac. Dry day.
D06 - 09 Aug A day to remember. Lesson: no more trek with such load and steep slopes in the dark. This pct is not easy. Tired, setting up camp. Hopefully safer tomorrow.
D07 - 10 Aug Another slow and dangerous day following the Leven river upstream. I fell on a finger and cut it open over 2 cm. Directly took care of it. Moved 40 fallen trees.
D08 - 11 Aug And another day with the river. 1 blister on my left foot doing more work. Now setting up camp. Test research in the morning.
D09 - 12 Aug Rain at the end of the day. Passed the island of the river. Now camping safely after the Rope mentioned in the tracknotes of the Penguin Cradle Trail. So wet. Need sun.
D10 - 13 Aug I laugh at how slow I am. Reached Loongana high point. No rain but heavy wind. Might dry my tent. John left me food at the pass. Will not use but give away.
D11 - 14 Aug When there is sun, it's not on my side of the gorge. Going down is also slow as no wrong step allowed. Fell a few times on my bum and arm. Calves and knees swollen.
D12 - 15 Aug Drizzle and rain all day. High vegetation and ferns so my pants got soaked. Shoes and socks too. Saw 2 dozen of wallabies. Walked with full load at the end of the day.
D13 - 16 Aug Climbed all day in changing weather. Rain, sun, hail, snow. 2 feet wet and frozen. Now at 1200m on snow. Exposed to all weather elements. Hope it's not too bad. Keeping faith.
D14 - 17 Aug Spent the day in the expedition drysuit. Up to 40 cm snow. Used snowshoes until more wet plants than snow. Fog, zero sun. Rain now. Wind. 1 wombat. All is wet.
D15 - 18 Aug Woke up under 5 cm of snow. Left camp when snow stopped but it never really stopped. All day the same: buttongrass, snow, mudpools. I dream of a dry and hot place.
D16 - 19 Aug Sleeping mat has a leak. Must inflate every 40 min during the night to avoid contact with snow. Will try to use repair kit asap. Broke 1 trekking pole. 20 cm snow last night.
D17 - 20 Aug So close to end leg 1 but with deep snow, mud and slush I didn't reach Cradle Valley. Feels like 10 day delay but I still got a lot of food and gas. Days will get longer eventually.

D18 - 21 Aug Non stop wind & rain last night. Most of the snow now replaced by slush. At Cradle, rangers gave me space to repack and check remaining food (ok). Fixed the leak in sleeping mat.
D19 - 22 Aug I met Marion, a Belgian girl, while ascending. Lookout and full deep snow plateau. Made me happy. Best weather since june. Summited Cradle Mt: best view ever! Yup!
D20 - 23 Aug I overslept. Woke up when the sun was hitting hard. Again dry and windless day. Met hikers, talked. Fell by slipping on a boardwalk under the snow. Now camping on platform.
D21 - 24 Aug Started late, finished late. Apparently still a few more days of good weather so I should start early to make progress. Hope to climb Mt Ossa tomorrow.
D22 - 25 Aug Ossa up in 2h20, down in 1h20, good snow. Left hand swollen for 2 days now. No pain, can move. Feet ok, dry. Pack doesnt hurt anymore. Will start longer days. Food Ok.
D23 - 26 Aug Dry weather, started the day with my dried hiking clothes. Then came the rain, then snow... Now drenched once again. Ate supper in a hut. Drysuit on.
D24 - 27 Aug 20 cm of snow in the morning. Catching packs of it when I walk underneath the branches bending under it's weight. Got my packraft ready at the hut, then reached a lake while paddling.
D25 - 28 AugStarted paddling at 12. Passed Lake St Clair and Derwent Basin without much trouble. Had to stop for a log, could've walked around it but decided to give it a go. Raft got stuck half under water. Could've lost it all. Could've died, even. Lost camera, mic, headlight, water containers, stuff to inflate raft. Small hole in hull and 10 cm tear in floor. Continued on sinking raft to a house. Now safe.
D26 - 29 Aug Bought a 15$ headlight, got sunglasses from Lost&Found. Repaired boat. Paddled entire Lake King William in dusk, dark then under moonlight. New route via The Spires.

D27 - 30 Aug Cognitive tests #9 this morning. My brain clearly not at 100%. Wrote log, repacked backpack and packraft. Started offtrack bushbashing. Going in circles at Night. Hard.
D28 - 31 Aug Bushbashing in tea tree, acacia (?) and a thick wall of cutting grass. 250m in 2h. All with massive mikado of huge fallen trees. Lost the paddle then found it again. Ok.
D29 - 01 Sep Light rain, snow and scrub. Not yet at Gell river. Vegetation around old airstrip is huge compared to 2006. Branch in eye. Cannot see well. Hope it's not permanent >:-(
D30 - 02 Sep Hard to find motivation. Rain, leeches, high scrub or forest for which my backpack is too high and wide. Tried to find old track, found man-cut branches but lost the trail again.
D31 - 03 Sep Sunny but pointless day in the forest. Finally an early start. Hard but now back in scrub/buttongrass. So near airstrip & river. Camping between buttongrass.
D32 - 04 Sep Dried tent, sleeping bag and clothes in the sun. Found a rusted chaintractor on old airstrip #2. Steep down to Gell river. Needed water. Crossed, walked and crossed again.
D33 - 05 Sep My legs are so skinny, almost no power. Still some belly fat left, though. Weather mostly sunny. Terrain is better. Made navigation error to wrong mountain. Had a nice 2m roll, fell on my head, back, legs, but all ok.

D34 - 06 Sep Started early after drizzle. Could walk a bit on rocks in river, with drysuit even in water. So cold! Had water inside, fixed a tiny hole below knee. Now hard rain.
D35 - 07 Sep Heavy rain in the morning. Left when it stopped. Checked map: more forest along river. Got stuck, decided to go up in the mountains, better up there. Each day harder to find a decent camping spot
D36 - 08 Sep Went up again, east Mt Curly. Hard to choose route down other side.Went down by 3pm. Broke 2nd trekking pole by 4pm. Cried for 2min. Can't just stop, I chose to be here. Fell more.
D37 - 09 Sep Sunday with big rain & wind. Waited for better weather to get out. So slow & weak. I feel I'm older than TAS expedition 2006. Will I reach lake tomorrow? TO ALL: next Sat 15/9!
D38 - 10 Sep Up to saddle, great view. Down forest following ck, ok til I reached a 30m waterfall drop. Cliffs all around. Stuck, got out after 80°climb. One mistake meant dead. Now safe. This is hell.
D39 - 11 Sep Woke up with pain & issue in my right eye. Tried to solve the problem for hours, without success. Doc in Hobart. Got out of the forest, then easy on to the lake. Not sure if it's a puncture after all that bushbashing! ...but hey: raft tested successfully! No more supper food. 3 breakfast rations left. 1 chocolate bar, 1.3kg nuts, 1kg hemp seeds, 30 clifbars. It is now a race before 21 Sept.
D40 - 12 Sep Heavy rain & wind all night, could use wind blowing South but at inlet it changed to heavy SW with 1m+ waves, rain, hail & often gust. Wanted to SOS but pushed to island
D41 - 13 Sep Waited for the right time; waves ok so I went straight. Body warm. Rather easy. Then dodging trees on flat water until Pedder river. Class 3 rapids, so the only way up was on land. Food 4.7kg
D42 - 14 Sep 1,5h writing & research tests this morning then walked to road/Pedder Lake where a police officer was waiting. We discussed plan. Nice sun. Paddled against the wind, slow.

update from John: "Louis-Philippe today passed from Lake Gordon to Lake Pedder, an important milestone. Conditions have been très difficile, and the police have been very worried about his condition. They have been liaising with me seriously this past week with thought to enhancing L-P's safety. They wanted him to retire. Today they met him as he crossed a rare road and were pleased with his condition; stronger than they had feared. If L-P can safely cross Lake Pedder tomorrow; I think he will complete the journey, but it is dangerous. It has been a draining but magnificent achievement so far. Best regards, John in Tasmania."
D43 - 15 Sep Crashing waves made me capsize passing the tip of the peninsula. Fun! Relaunched and padlled. Later on the wind was too strong, with 2m waves. Had to stop on island. Now, please, Tasmania, send Margot Robbie with pizza & beer.
D44 - 16 Sep Almost no sleep because of wet sleeping bag, burnt it a bit while drying it with stove. Other holes in airmat. Felt like another rain & wind day...but with the wind on my side. Now safe.
D45 - 17 Sep Good progress but lost 1h to go back to yesterday's landing spot to get my 2nd 6dl bottle. Lost it. Hungry! Just now looked for a bag of food…mmm. 2.7kg left, will have to last 5-8days!
D46 - 18 Sep I completely underestimated the distance compared to what the notes of my map say. 1 gaiter dead. Tried to repair the airmat again til 4am, but it's still leaking. Backpain. Starting rationing tomorrow.
D47 - 19 Sep Boring rainy morning on Port Davey Track till Spring River. Mostly sunny in the afternoon. Paddling to Melaleuca in the moon light. Un peu tardif mais: Joyeux Anniversaire Sacha! Tomorrow South Coast Track with 30kg. 4 days maybe!
D48 - 20 Sep Very cold night at Melaleuca. So tired, fell asleep after breakfast till 9:20. Then late start. Hard to get here tonight. Hunger, back hurts and worst wet socks ever. Pain like sandpaper.
D49 - 21 Sep Good, confident start. Up Ironbound, wind at the summit so strong, threw me to the ground. Stopped at 8pm, feet hurt, rash. Need rest! Drysuit wet inside, taking it off tomorrow, back into normal clothes.

D50 - 22 Sep Last test, write, repack, taking care of my feet. Left late. Finished crossing with the raft at 6pm. Walking in the forest with the flame of my lighter. Lost the track then light battery died. Bushbashing in the dark to reach previous point. Took battery pack to charge lighter. Fell in a pool with mud above the knees. Trying to reach South Cape Rivulet tomorrow, ending at South Cape on Monday, reack Cockle by midday. Not there yet. Will need food & scale at Cockle.
D51 - 23 Sep 50gr of food left. Not enough for bushbashing to the cape. Might try a bit if enough time. Wanna end around noon. Thinking about writing a book about my 2 TAS expeditions.
D52 - 24 Sep End of the exped.tomorrow night on ABC News! Lost15,5kg. Will be in Hobart by 4pm. Suggest a bar on fb if you wanna meet! Will choose one near hostel. Bus to Laun in the morning.

Quick Debrief.

This is the hardest, the most dangerous and longest expedition I have done. Happy to succeed more or less (I haven't been to the far south cape, I had to re-route and avoided Mt Anne in the Winter) even if I have lost a lot of equipment and more importantly most of the video footage so there is no film possible. Because the scientific part was 100% a success and I have some videos about it I hope to find time and edit something about the science part of the expedition.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Mad Belgian - Book and Camera updates

Hi to all followers of the expedition #TasmaniaWinterTrek this page can be accessed by It will contain several resources, links, to book progress, ideas and to the several future events (I hope) related to the expedition. It might leave my main website in the future to be a complete new standalone page.

1) Bushwalking discussion during the expedition - That Mad Belgian - #TasmaniaWinterTrek announcement
2) Garmin Inreach Trace - Google Earth file (to be coming)
3) Where was the Panasonic camera (and a few other items) lost on the Derwent river? What about the 1000 AUD reward?
4) Book structure (draft, to come soon)
5) Book progress (not really to come soon, I'll add a newsletter you can subscribe to know when the book is out or when I need some help for some sections)
6) Events related to #TasmaniaWinterTrek (if I come for a tour in TAS/OZ. Not before 2019-2022)

3) Lost equipment and reward.
On D25, I had a packraft accident that could have been fatal. I went down paddling the upper Derwent river from lake St Clair, paddled under the dam (class 3) then I had a choice to make as the river split into 2 directions. I took the right (going down, west arm) and few minutes later I faced a tree log that is fully across the river arm. I stopped for a few seconds assessing the log that was 90% just under the surface of the water. A large branch coming from this log a bit like half a rainbow just above the log. I thought it would be just possible to go over the log and bending my upperbody backwards to go at the same time under the big branch. The water was so powerful, it pushed me facing the side of the boat against the log, pressure started to push the boat against it and a second later I tilted, water entered the boat and it started to sunk half under the log. I grabbed the branch to pull my body out of the boat. Retrieved paddle, saw my black day-drybag (a hole in it) sinking and going half floating going away. 30 min later I had managed to get the boat on land (not knowing yet about 2 punctures and 10cm tear on the floor. I went around the log to check if I could see my black drybag but nothing. Went then around the log with all my gear and boat (what I should have done in the first place) and paddled to safety with the sinking boat. In the next 24h I had repaired the boat, bought a shitty 15AUD headlight at Cradle Valley, told the rangers, the manager of the hotel/restaurant gave me 2 pairs of sunglasses from his lost&found items.
But I lost of of this: Panasonic HC-VX980 and memory card / Petzl Actik Core / Julbo explorer sunglasses / tiny 10liters blue backpack / Rode Videomic Pro / a few gopro mounts, tiny tripod, peanuts, 1 green 800ml gatorade bottle (some water in it) 1 empty 1,2 liter transparent bottle.


Location accident?
In the summer, at the water level of the upper Derwent is very low. Chance to find the equipment is fairly good. GPS coordinates are estimates.

1000 AUD dollars Reward conditions:
* once the camera is found and out of the water (dry or not, it was in another small drybag, not sure 100% tight waterproof) remove battery, remove SDcard (bottom camera) and dry it with a towel. Do not let it wet and rust in the air. The camera might work if dry inside the drybag.
* you can keep sunglasses if found / If headlight there and dead, I'd like to have it as souvenir, same for rodemic. Perhaps the Rodemic survived?
* I'm of course mainly interested in the memorycard and the content. First contact me, do not insert it in a drive. Take a photo and email me.
* I think of found it is a great story, and opportunity to speak again of the "Mad Belgian" and at the same time in the press give an update on the book if any progress. So you might have your name in the media, even interviews.
* If you don"t want the money, perhaps a donation to a charity of your choice or in a free talk of me in a school of your choice (1000AUD is half of a cost to fly me to OZ/TAS)
* You send me package at your cost, I will do the payment on  a bank account once received. My risk if nothing can be recovered but normally big chance I get it all. Trust me I will not fail on my promise.
Questions? email me, I'll add the answer here if relevant for others.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Tasmania Winter Trek - News

EN: I have set up a system that allows me to send an 160 characters email to a Gmail account. From there, a rule will forward the content of the email to this blog/website + on my Facebook Fan page + on Twitter. I think the expedition will start on 3 or 4 of August.

FR: J'ai configuré un système qui me permet d'envoyer un email de 160 caractères vers un compte Gmail. De là, une règle poste le contenu de l'email sur ce site/blog + ma page Fan Facebooksur Twitter. Je crois que l'expédition commencera le 3 ou 4 août.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Blue Mountains - Three Sisters

EN: I went for my 3rd time to the Blue Mountains to meet the film director of the film THE SECOND STEP that won the Grand Prize (first Aussie) at the BANFF in 2002. It was about Warren Macdonald (leg amputee) climbing Federation Peak. I reached the mountain too on day 33 in 2007 while doing my unresupplied 49 day crossing of the Tasmania Wilderness heritage parks. I'm not going there this year in the winter.

FR: J'ai été pour la 3ème fois dans les Blue Mountains pour rencontrer le réalisateur du Film THE SECOND STEP qui a gagné le premier prix du BANFF en 2002. Il raconte l'ascension de Warren Macdonald, amputé des jambes, qui grimpe Federation Peak. J'ai atteint ce sommet au 33è jour sur 49 en 2007 lors de ma traversée de la partie sauvage de la Tasmanie.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Outdoor fair - 25 years

EN: It's the 25 years of the Outdoor Fair in Friedrichshafen. A cruise and supper was organized on the Lake of Constance (Bodensee). I also met my sponsors and found new ones while checking out new gear. I also briefly adventurer Denis Katzer who's traveling around the globe and has done many expeditions with camels, horses, 4WD and even with elephants.

FR: La foire Outdoor de Friedrichshafen fête ses 25 ans. Une croisière - souper était organisée sur le Lac de Constance. J'ai aussi rencontré mes sponsors et trouvé de nouveaux tout en découvrant les nouveaux produits. J'ai également rencontré brièvement l'aventurier Denis Katzer, qui voyage autour du monde et a effectué de nombreuses expéditions avec des chameaux, des chevaux, en 4x4 et même avec des éléphants.


Friday, May 04, 2018

KayaClean - on TV - BrusselsAirlines mag

EN: The article about my climb in Uganda is published in the B.Inspired magazine of BrusselsAirlines and can be found here: May B.Inspired mag (from page 43).
With the Jane Goodall Institute and company LEVIS, another KayaClean clean-up was done, we removed a lot of trash from the Lesse this year.
I was also on TV on RTBF Quel temps.

FR: L'article sur mon ascension en Ouganda est paru dans le B.Inspired de BrusselsAirlines et se trouve ici: May B.Inspired mag (dès la page 43).
Avec le Jane Goodall Institute et LEVIS, nous avons réalisé une autre opération KayaClean de nettoyage et retrait de déchets de la Lesse.
Aussi je suis passé dans l'émission RTBF Quel temps.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

360 Photography in expeditions and trips

EN: I've been pioneering the use of 360 photography during unsupported expeditions since 2015. So going on expedition and deciding to take an extra 360 camera. It wasn't the idea of "hey let's use 360 degree content to do a marketing film or buzz". Below a few maps I've completed in the past days. If you access them by the links below, you'll have the map + possibility to see the 360 photos by zooming and clicking on a "pink camera icon". Enjoy.
1) Bolivian Salars (Coipasa and Uyuni) - Expedition dispatches
2) GR 20 Corsica / Corse trip
5) Uganda, Margherita summit trek in the Rwenzori Mountains. Trip completed a few weeks ago.
You can always find back those maps and other ones on my expedition page and the bottom.

FR: J'ai été pionnier de l'utilisation de photography immersive en 360 degrés en expédition en autonomie depuis 2015. Cela veut dire partir en expé et décider d'emporter un appareil 360 supplémentaire. Aucunement une idée de "Allons faire de la 360 comme contenu pour une opéraion marketing ou buzz". Ci-dessous, les cartes réalisés. Vous y accéder en cliquant sur les liens ci-dessus et sur la carte GoogleMaps, vous pouvez visualiser une photo en 360 en zoomant et en cliquant sur une icône de "caméra rose". Bonne amusement.



Monday, March 12, 2018

Summit of Margherita peak in the Rwenzori - Uganda

EN: This is 7 March last week, Roland Monsegu (based in Ireland and I with our two guides (Samuel, Edson) reached the summit of Uganda. I was recruited by the editor of the Inflight magazine of Brussels Airlines to write about this climb for the May issue.

FR: Le 7 Mars, semaine dernière, Roland Monsegu (Franco-Irlandais de et moi-même avons atteint le sommet de l'Ouganda (et RDC). J'ai été attitré par BrusselsAirlines (BA) pour écrire un article sur ce trek et ascension. Ce sera publié dans le magazine Inflight de BA en Mai.

For this trip I used the Berghen Karakorum trekking boots They were completely waterproof against the mud and the water. After the trip they still looked brand new. Excellent European made quality.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Nina Caprey at MountExpo Ghent

EN: I went to Ghent to check out some workshops and meet potential sponsors at the MountExpo. I also attended the end of climber Nina Caprez. She shared with us low and high moments of the past years. I love the fact she really enjoys climbing and the mountains and it's all what matters.

FR: J'ai été à Gand à MountExpo pour assister à quelques workshops et rencontrer des sponsors potentiels. J'ai également écouté la grimpeuse Nina Caprez. Elle a partagé avec nous ses moments bas et hauts des dernières années. J'ai apprécié qu'elle soit vraiment une personne qui aime la grimpe et la montagne. Et c'est tout ce qui compte pour elle.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

11 years ago I came out alive out of the Tasmanian Wilderness

EN: Eleven years ago today, I reached Cockle Creek and made my way back to civilization after the most dangerous and hardest expedition I've done. It took me 49 days instead of 40. The route I completed is the red one.

I was in bad shape as you can see. If I ended up like this in the summer; how will I perhaps end on a longer journey in the Winter ? That's what we will find out by mid-September. I'm returning to Australia to attempt with world first expedition: Crossing Tasmania in the winter unresupplied. The blue line is the planned route.

FR: Il y a 11 ans aujourd'hui, j'arrivais à Cockle Creek et mon retour à la civilisation après mon expédition la plus dangereuse et difficile. Un trajet original de 40 jours où j'ai finalement mis 49 jours pour compléter la route rouge.

J'ai vraiment terminé en mauvais état (lien plus haut). Si je suis si mal en point en été; comment vais-je ressortir d'une expérience hivernale. C'est ce que nous verrons à la mi-septembre. Je repars pour l'Australie afin d'y tenter une autre première mondiale: traverser la Tasmanie en hiver sans réappro. Le chemin en bleu est le chemin idéal.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Adventurer of the year at ISPO 2018


EN: At ISPO this year I had 2 aims. Meet the person who would follow me as European Adventurer of the year. The award went to Swede Fredrika Ek for her 1040 long day round the world bike trip. Then I focused on sponsors and new equipment for my coming projects. The suit above is the one for summit day of the Polish winter expedition on K2. It was my 7th time at ISPO and I've been 4 times to Friedrichshafen.

FR: Cette année à ISPO j'avais 2 objectifs. Découvrir qui me succèderai comme Aventurier Européen de l'année. Le prix à été remis à la Suédoise Fredrika Ek pour son tour du monde à vélo de 1040 jours. Puis j'ai été rencontrer les marques outdoor pour parler de mes projets. Une recherche de sponsors donc. J'ai évidemment vu les nouveaux produits innovants. La combinaison ci-dessus est celle qui sera utilisée pour le sommet du K2 en hiver. L'équipe Polonaise est actuellement sur place. Ce fût ma 7ème visite à la foire ISPO et j'ai été 4 fois aussi à Friedrichshafen.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Clean-ups in Malta

EN: During a small winter break in Malta. I've met with some leaders of clean-ups associations and we joined the ICA (International Clean-up Association). We discussed how we work and did of course a few clean-ups.

FR: Lors de ce petit break à Malte, j'ai rencontré des leaders d'associations de nettoyage. Nous avons rejoint le ICA (International Clean-up Association). Nous avons discuté de bonnes pratiques, idées et évidemment réalisé quelques opérations de nettoyage.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Into the Blue Sailing Festival

EN: I attended during 2 days the sailing film festival Into The Blue in Brussels. I reconnected with my friend Yvan Bourgnon and met Roland Jourdan, famous sailor as well and founder of We-Explore. (Middle of the photo)

FR: J'ai assisté durant 2 jours au festival de film Into the Blue. J'ai revu Yvan Bourgnon et rencontré un autre célèbre navigateur Roland Jourdain qui a aussi lancé We-Explore. (Milieu de la photo)

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Bonne année à la planète

Bonne Année - Happy New Year - Gelukkige Nieuwjaar - ¡feliz año nuevo! - Frohes neues Jahr - с новым годом