Thursday, July 21, 2005

MeetExplorers Productions website

Welcome to the temporary website.

MeetExplorers is the umbrella brand for various "projects" of myself (Louis-Philippe Loncke):

MeetExplorers Productions : to produce the films about my expeditions and perhaps a web/TV show one day about explorers. Some clips are already on MeetExplorers Youtube.

Films produced:

Mad Belgian series:

2021 - The Mad Belgian: Keep Walking (13min, EN or FR, 16:9, Sound 25fps AAC 320kbps 48kHz)
Screened at festivals: Dutch Mountain Film Festival (2021), Inkafest (2021), High Tatras Film & Music Video Festival (2022);

Planned 2021-2022:
* The Mad Belgian: Crossing the Pyrenees (current title)
* The Mad Belgian: Allemansr├Ątten (current title, expedition in August 2021)
* The Mad Belgian: Confined in my tent (current title, expedition in December 2021)
* The Mountains of the Outback : (end 2021) This one will be directly released to YouTube.
* Bike Belgium Challenge : A 400km bike crossing of Belgium by an amateur (filming in June 2022)

Slowly getting to the films of the expeditions done between 2006-2021.

Festival / Talks:

MeetExplorers plans to start MeetExplorers Nights in 2022: Evening talks done by adventurers & explorers
MeetExplorers plans to start the BRAFF in 2023.

Another project involves Digital Detox camps, outdoors in Belgium.


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